• Food
• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
• Medical products and medicines
• Cosmetics
• Cleaning - Hygiene
• Industrial
• Chemical product
and to request an unlimited farming was making the product label. In addition, the offset printing adhesive labels and printing textile manufacturing plant.

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Graphics, films, molds and jumbo-sized roll-up before printing slicing perform each stage in our own constitution, privacy and are committed to customer satisfaction.


Self-adhesive label: Coated, thermal, mentalize, vellum PP (Poliproblen) and PE (Polyethylene) and packaged adhesive films, printing on roll. Which is probably a first in Turkey with 10-color flexo unit, screen printing, cold foil, re-lam, de-rugged, UV-lamination, reverse one machine capable of printing a unique company.

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Production after great diligence, coils stripping, slitting and rewinding machines and quality control errors that can occur during the Prati Saturn and its share of missing downloading to zero.