Product Groups

• Food
• Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
• Medical Products and Medicines
• Cosmetics
• Cleanliness - Hygiene
• Industry
• Chemical Product
Farming was the product label we do for our clients unlimited. In addition, the offset printing adhesive labels and print on the label of textile manufacturing plant.


Paper and Cardboard group; Removable Vellum, Vellum, Vellum Çiftaþýyýcýlý, Laminated Thermal Label Wet Wipes, Coated Paper, Glossy Rubber Label, Glossy Label, Metallized Coated Paper, Rubber Based Adhesive Coated.
Is sticky; Coated Cardboard and Bristol.
Film group; Matte transparent (PE), Opaque (PE), rubber PP, Metallized, removable opaque PP, PP Clear, Ultra Clear PP, PP Mat.
Is non-sticky, 15-20 microns 450 microns, all kinds of pressure.